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  • Traditional Surrogacy vs Gestational Surrogacy

    Traditional Surrogacy vs Gestational Surrogacy

    Most people that know about surrogacy know that there are two broad swaths of surrogacy, the traditional route and the gestational route. The traditional route is through the process of artificial insemination. The surrogate will use her own egg and the sperm from either the father-to-be or another donor. Gestational

  • Surrogate Mother Cost

    Surrogate Mother Cost

    You might be one of the numerous couples that can’t conceive a child for various reasons. You could try exploring another seriously viable option. Surrogacy is a great option for couples that can’t conceive children. A surrogate mother will carry and deliver the baby to term and then sign over

  • Surrogacy laws

    Surrogacy laws

    Surrogacy law is a broad category of law that branches out to other areas like family law, estate maintenance, contract outlining, insurance, and even some aspects of immigration law. Legal experts are tasked with the daunting goal of working out agreements between parents, surrogates, and sometimes egg donors. They work

  • Step by Step Guide to Surrogacy

    Step by Step Guide to Surrogacy

    Step 1: Outline a clear surrogacy agreement If you have had to deal with being infertile for years, or it would be impossible for you to carry a pregnancy all the way through, you might have already thought about surrogacy. There are a couple different kinds of surrogacy: traditional and

  • Out of State Surrogacy

    Out of State Surrogacy

    Some surrogacy arrangements require you to account for a birth that is going to take place outside of the state. In the majority of cases, this is because there are disadvantageous laws in the state where the surrogate lives, and it is wise to deliver the baby in another state.

  • Using A Surrogate Mother: What You Need To Know

    Using A Surrogate Mother: What You Need To Know

    Working with a surrogate mother – a concept known as surrogacy – is slightly enmeshed in controversy. It is a valid option, however, for people that want to have a baby through current reproductive technologies. How Do You Define A Surrogate? There are a couple types of surrogate mothers. A

  • Gestational Carrier

    Gestational Carrier

    I’ve Never Heard Of A Gestational Carrier. What Is It, Exactly? Having another woman carry your baby and then deliver your baby is what a gestational carrier is defined as. A couple can go through a middleman agency or with an independent adoption group, or they can even discuss it

  • Some Facts About Surrogacy

    Some Facts About Surrogacy

    Are you attempting to get pregnant, but you just can’t get the job done? Are you tired of trying one botched fertility treatment after another? It sounds like surrogacy might be for you. A surrogate is a person that will carry a pregnancy through to term for a couple or