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Surrogacy Laws in Iowa

Iowa seems to allow surrogacy agreements by implication, but there is no law on the books that directly addresses the topic. The surrogacy agreements’ issue involving LGTB couples and individuals hasn’t been looked at by the courts yet.


Explanation: There is a statute on the books that specifically outlaws selling or buying a human being; however, the law specifically says:

This statute doesn’t apply to surrogacy agreements. For understanding this section, a surrogacy arrangement is an arrangement where a female agrees to get artificially inseminated with a donor’s semen, to make a child, and to get rid of all rights concerning that child to the donor couple or donor.

Even though there are states like Alabama have statutes that exclude surrogacy from the laws dealing with “baby-buying” or adoption, the Iowa statute language seems to imply that surrogacy arrangements are at least thought about by the law and don’t go against the state’s public policy.



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