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Surrogacy Laws in North Carolina

North Carolina doesn’t have any laws that specifically deal with surrogacy; however, there are other laws on the books that seem to suggest that surrogacy contracts that don’t have any financial compensation outside of the surrogate’s related and medical expenses are alright. The issue of LGBT couples and their surrogacy agreements has not been looked at by the courts yet.


Explanation: North Carolina has laws on the books about adoption that usually forbid compensation for relinquishment of parental rights for adoption, but there are exclusions to this rule. For instance, the law allows for payments to be made for a mother’s related expenses and medical bills throughout her pregnancy. These kinds of payments don’t have to be related to the parental rights relinquishment or the child’s placement for adoption. However, the law also says that a potential adoptive parent can seek to get a payment if the parent or another person accepts or receives it with the intent to be fraudulent and prevent the upcoming adoption from being completed.



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