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Surrogacy Laws in Oklahoma

Oklahoma doesn’t have any specific laws that address surrogacy, but an opinion by the Attorney General suggests that surrogacy contracts that are compensated are against the laws of the state, concerning trafficking children. However, surrogate contracts that are uncompensated or contracts that just give remuneration for basic and medical expenses are allowed. The surrogacy agreement issue dealing with LGBT individuals hasn’t been looked at by the courts yet.


Oklahoma statutes forbid the receiving or offer of compensation in connection with transferring the adoption or custody of a minor child. The Attorney General in the state in 1983 said that surrogate agreements that give compensation for a child’s adoption go against state law stopping the trafficking of children. However, Oklahoma law concerning adoption allows some kind of payment for basic medical expenses for the mother and the child to be adopted, and it’s possible that some kind of reimbursement would be allowed in the context of a surrogacy contract.



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