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Surrogacy Laws in Alaska

Summary: There is nothing on the Alaska books in regards to surrogacy arrangements. There is just one court case that even remotely addressed the issue, but the decision was given on other grounds.

Explanation: There was a case in the Alaska Supreme Court, and they looked at surrogacy as a kind of adoption. This was a child custody case in 1989, and it pertained to a Chickasaw woman who verbally agreed to insemination with sperm from the husband of her sister to bring a child into the world for him. The surrogate mother signed binding adoption papers when she relinquished custody, but she then wanted to have the adoption nullified because it had not been done in line with a required federal statute concerning the governance of Indians. The Court ignored her petition for appeal because the adoption laws in the state had a statute of limitations for one year, and she did not file her complaint in time.



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