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Some Facts About Surrogacy

Are you attempting to get pregnant, but you just can’t get the job done? Are you tired of trying one botched fertility treatment after another? It sounds like surrogacy might be for you. A surrogate is a person that will carry a pregnancy through to term for a couple or individual. Once the child is given birth to, the surrogate will hand over the baby to the parents. There will usually be no additional relationship from then on. If you can’t hold on to a pregnancy all the way through, but you can produce healthy eggs, then surrogacy can give you the opportunity to become a real biological mother.


There are a couple categories of surrogacy, and those are the gestational route and the traditional route. The gestational carrier will become pregnant through a process known as in vitro fertilization. The parents-to-be might give the egg and sperm, or even a donor egg and sperm can be employed. In the gestational method, the surrogate will not be genetically linked to the child.

A traditional surrogate will be genetically related to the baby. A woman will get pregnant with AI. The surrogate will have her egg fertilized with the sperm from the father-to-be. Traditional surrogates can carry complex and emotional issues. Gestational carriers are much more used.

Check out these interesting tidbits about surrogacy.

You have a great possibility of success with a surrogate. Expect to see your baby in about a year and a half from the time you start the process.

More than 50% of gestational carriers become pregnant after the initial attempt at IVF. Those that have to go in for a second or third time are usually successful too.

If you go with a gestational carrier, don’t get overwhelmed if you get twin babies. More than 50% of gestational carriers give birth to multiple babies.

Surrogacy can sound really alluring. However, surrogacy is expensive. You can always handle the surrogacy details on your own if you wish, but it will still cost upwards of $50,000. A big agency can cost upwards of $120,000 though.

Legal guidance is the most important thing with a surrogacy agreement. Getting legal documentation ensures that all parties are protected. You have to be protected from all eventualities.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that you attend therapy sessions with your surrogate during the process.

Surrogacy can be really costly, but the success rate is very high. Excellent legal advice and a lot of money can help the process go smoothly.



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